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Exclusive. Extraordinary. Events.

Through a unique and personal service, we create premium events that will incentivise, amaze and inspire, each in abundance with character and charm. From the drama and adrenaline of a Formula 1 pit lane 'behind the scenes' experience to the prestige of premiership and international football, we ensure exceptional and extraordinary service.

Over 25 years we ourselves have experienced much of it, the weird and the wonderful, the divine and the extreme. We have set pulses racing with dynamic driving and taste buds flowing with clients preparing dinner with top chefs in their restaurant kitchens. We have the elusive answer and an attitude that cares for every detail with a delivery style born from a desire to serve up perfection just as if we are enjoying the occasion for ourselves.

Whether its sports, music, flying, ballooning, health and wellness visits, exclusive tickets, best seats, tasting lunches, dinner and theatre evenings, or simply doing something you and your customers enjoy, our events and our people deliver. Just ask our clients.

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For a more in-depth look at how you can improve events for your business and increase the effectiveness of your budgets, please contact Gita Carlisle.

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